What if Something Goes Wrong?

We frequently get asked the question “What if something goes wrong?” There is always a plan.

Santa’s sleigh is thoroughly tested. It is redesigned from the ground up every single year with the purpose of getting Santa around the world safer, faster and in one piece. Every contingency is considered.

Has Santa every run into trouble on Christmas Eve? Have their been sleigh crashes? Has Santa ever been stranded? Have there been sleigh failures?

Yes, to all those. Stuff happens. That is why there is a backup plan. There is always a backup plan.

Backup plan A is last year’s sleigh. After all, it worked. It is the latest generation of technology, speed, and safety that worked. If this year’s sleigh can’t make it, last year’s sleigh is pressed into service.

But Santa has thousands of other sleighs at his disposal. He is the largest sleigh collector in the world.

Right now those backup sleighs are being organized. They are being serviced, made ready to fly…just in case.

This work happens at the North Pole even while Santa’s new sleigh continues to be tested every single day.

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