Wanna See Some Reindeer?

We are pleased to present to you some photos taken earlier today out near the reindeer barn when several teams of reindeer were out exercising.

The reason you do not get to see a lot of pictures of reindeer is because they really do not like having their picture taken. It spooks them a little. Reindeer are very, very shy, you see.

Elf Randal works in the North Pole Public Relations Department and it is his job as a staff photographer to take pictures. His work usually shows up in the local paper and on the North Pole Village website.

With Santa’s permission he was able to shoot these pictures. These are not pictures of Santa’s team of reindeer, they are and have been in the barn most of the day due to the weather. But these reindeer work in a support role and likely will be put into service after Santa launches.

This is Daisy, pictured at the right. Daisy is a very sweet and cooperative reindeer. She has worked at the North Pole for many years, but for each off season she returns for several months to her native home in the Canadian Rockies. Daisy is part of a transport team, meaning she works regularly shuttling elves to where they need to go. Most elves know Daisy very well.

These reindeer all work for Santa. To be fair, we should call them Santa’s reindeer. Daisy is a very strong and even fast reindeer. But she is not fast enough or strong enough for the demands of getting Santa around the world. Daisy loves working for Santa and, like most reindeer, she wants to help. She is an outstanding shuttle reindeer and she loves her job.

Pictured below is Bruno. He really, really does not like to get his picture taken. He only agreed to pose for a picture after he lost a bet with Blitzen. Blizten told Bruno that he could sing a Chinese Christmas carol and Bruno bet him that he could not. Bruno lost the bet and had to pose for the picture. Bruno complained long and loud about it but he finally did pose and we are glad that he did. Bruno is what we call a “mission specialist” among the reindeer. He flies on special assignments every Christmas Eve, usually helping with elf troubleshooting teams. Bruno is an outstanding flyer with great stamina, able to work long hours in even warm temperatures. He is an outstanding reindeer:

Pictured below is Thor and, boy, were we lucky to get this picture. Thor, if you recall from the reindeer games of about 11 years ago, won the games in an upset over Donner. Thor is one of the fastest reindeer on the planet and he is a very skilled flyer. Why doesn’t he fly for Santa? Well, the truth is that some years he does. When Santa’s reindeer need a break, Thor and the rest of the B Team are there to do the job. Thor has flown for Santa pulling the sleigh many times in this capacity.

People here speculate that when there is ever an opening for a new reindeer on Santa’s A Team that Thor will get the job. We do not disagree. He is an impressive reindeer whose value to Santa cannot be understated:

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