Tracking Center Confesses to Hunting Santa

A shocking report today based on a breaking story from the North Pole Gazette has caused authorities in the North Pole Flight Command Center to admit to “hunting” Santa.

A leaked agenda from a meeting held earlier this month has upset elves at the North Pole who believe Santa is lost.

Santa famously left the North Pole near the end of July for a so-called “walkabout” and has not been heard from since. In the month that he has been gone rumors have run rampant at the North Pole about why he really left in the first place and whether or not he will be back in time for Christmas.

Emergency meetings at the Flight Command Center at the North Pole were held and as the leaked agenda proves professional Trackers working for the Flight Command Center are now deployed on secret missions to try to locate Santa and bring him home.

This is a far different story than what was announced. Authorities at that time said they were using Santa’s secret trip as a training opportunity for Santa Trackers. The truth is that it now appears to have become a rescue mission.

Officials in the Flight Command Center now admit to actively pursuing Santa but they refuse to call it a rescue because Santa has not actually called for help.

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