Tracking Center Chases New Clues in Search for Santa

The flight command center at the North Pole continues to engage in the search for Santa. In recent weeks new theories of Santa’s whereabouts have led to searches in new locations.

“We have had some information lately come from India that seems to suggest that maybe Santa has been there.” said Elf Conrad Burt, a duty officer elf in the Flight Command Center. “It would seem impossible for Santa to have covered that much ground on foot since he left in July but maybe he caught a ride on a boat or a plane. We just have reports from many people there speaking of a man fitting Santa’s general description and they say he was very nice.”

There are clues from other locations as well. There have been many alleged sightings of Santa in Finland, Norway, and Poland. We also have some interesting reports coming from Mexico and Guatemala, as well as several reports of a man working tirelessly to help with American hurricane relief efforts in several weeks.

There have been no verifiable contacts with Santa, however, and investigators are confident that Santa has not had any contact with anyone at the North Pole, and that would include Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus has defended Santa’s absence and has publicly said the search for Santa is a “vain effort”.

Nevertheless, worried Santa trackers and fans of Santa in the Tracking Department continue to search and have utilize resources worldwide in their ongoing search for Santa.

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