Trackers to Receive Instruction Through a Radio Show

Santa Trackers will now have one more resource for getting news and information from the North Pole in the lead up to Christmas: their own radio show.

In cooperation with the News Department at the North Pole, the Tracking Department will utilize the days before Christmas to share instruction, training and information to millions of Santa Trackers around the world by way of the North Pole radio station known as Kringle Radio.

“This improves our reach” said Elf Roger Star, International Head of Santa Trackers for Santa. “With Kringle Radio we will be able to reach more trackers in diverse places than ever before.”

Experts estimate that Santa will have more than 10 million certified Santa trackers world wide if recruiting goals are met via

Details for the radio show are pending, but it is assumed that it will happen before the annual 50-hour live radio news broadcast from Kringle Radio that tells the story of Santa as he makes his way around the world.

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