Tracker Elf Recruiting Picks Up

Tracker elf recruiting is showing some promising results in the early going of the 2017 Christmas season. As of December 1st, a little less that one million new tracker elves have joined the program.

“That doesn’t sound like much against the goal of five million,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, head of flight operations at the North Pole, “But we have traditionally seen a faster pace of recruiting in the last few weeks before Christmas than any other time. This is ahead of last year’s pace and we feel good about it.”

Tracker elves are stationed away from the North Pole and their purpose is to feed Flight Command — and Santa — information about specific locations on the ground. Tracking Santa for Santa is one of the reasons why Santa is able to go faster each year and deliver on time with more precision.

If you know of anyone interested in becoming an elf and working for Santa as a tracker, kindly direct them to

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