Thousands of Reindeer Help Santa

It is a big day for reindeer at the North Pole. Today thousands of reindeer learn where they will be serving Santa on Christmas Eve.

Did you know that reindeer are actually elves? Anyone who works for Santa and Christmas is an elf. Even a reindeer.

You know all of Santa’s reindeer that he flies with on his sleigh by heart. You know their names. But there are thousands of reindeer whose names you do not know. They fly on Christmas Eve as well, just not pulling sleighs with Santa inside of them.

They may work as scouts. They may work on sleighs moving different elves around the world. They may transport things to and from Santa’s sleigh. They may be checking out weather or testing the skies in other places for Santa. There are literally thousands of assignments that need to be filled.

They gladly do it, too.

Our job in North Pole Flight Command is to help them. We track them, we schedule them, we make sure they are safe in their duties.

It is all part of getting Santa around the world.

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