Testing of Backup Sleighs Begins

Santa has a backup sleigh just in case something has to his new sleigh. That backup sleigh is going to get flight tested in a big way this week.

What many do not know is that Santa’s goal each year is to go just a little faster than the year before. He is always trying to improve. To help accomplish that goal the Research and Development Department at the North Pole is charged with building Santa a new sleigh every year.

Santa’s new sleigh has been flight tested in different parts of the world for weeks now and it will continue to be tested and tweaked almost up until the moment he gets in it to take flight.

But his backup sleighs never get much attention. And yes, Santa has more than one backup sleigh.

In fact, there is a whole large building at the North Pole devoted to housing Santa’s sleighs. It is kind of a sleigh museum. But they all still work because Santa keeps them maintained. And some years, due to one problem or another, Santa has utilized a sleigh from Christmas past.

In an effort to be ready the Flight Command Center tests those sleighs every December to make sure they are ready for service should Santa need them.

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