A Sleigh for Mrs. Claus

For the past several months North Pole sleigh designers have secretly worked on a special project. They have been building a special sleigh for Mrs. Claus.

It has most of the features of Santa’s sleigh but is built to accommodate her smaller size and shorter reach.

“This is a serious Santa-like delivery vehicle,” said Elf Rupert, head of the project. “It has the same safety features, the same speed capabilities, the same security system and a similar cargo capacity as Santa’s sleigh. This sleigh could seriously serve as a backup to Santa’s sleigh, that’s how good it is.”

What is not being talked about are the plans for this sleigh and whether or not Mrs. Claus will actually use it on Christmas Eve.

“We only build them,” said Rupert. “What they use them for is up to them.”

Flight plans for Santa’s annual flight are being worked on constantly and there are no known plans at this time to include Mrs. Claus on any Christmas Eve activity. For all we know Mrs. Claus will be where she usually is — hosting the North Pole Christmas Eve party while Santa flies around the world.

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