Sleigh Bells Go High Tech

The sleigh bells on Santa’s sleigh are no ordinary sleigh bells. They contain high tech electronics that serve many useful purposes.

They are weather monitors. They provide detailed information about current temperatures, precipitation, air pressure and other climate data. They give the North Pole real time data right where Santa and the reindeer are located.

They are radios. They listen and they broadcast what is going on with Santa and the sleigh. There are thousands of bells, thus there are thousands of receptors and cameras. These come back to the North Pole in high definition so clear that it feels like we are really there.

They are sleigh monitors. We can see all sides of Santa’s sleigh and detect at any given moment if there is an damage or if any adjustments need to be made.

They are reindeer trackers. They monitor the health of each reindeer, measuring their heart rate, breathing rate, and even their hunger levels. We know if they have a cold or even if they suffer from skin irritation.

They are recorders. They take in everything of the environment of where Santa’s sleigh is. They measure the wind. They take video everywhere Santa goes. They record location information and broadcasts it back to the North Pole.

They are advanced mapping devices. They help us improve on the maps we have by updating changes in terrain in any location. If new roads are built, we know about it right away. If a building shows up where there wasn’t a building before, the sleigh bells let us known even before Santa lands.

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