Reindeer Increasing Flights at the North Pole

We are experiencing an increased flow of reindeer into and out of the North Pole. All of these flights are being tracked by North Pole Flight Command.

This is not unusual for this time of year and it does not point to anything serious.

Reindeer are in training. Not all of them pull sleighs when they train.

Some times reindeer must train away from the reindeer areas of the North Pole to get them used to working in different climates. To do that, they must leave the North Pole. There are many such training flights.

Many new reindeer are coming to the North Pole. These reindeer may not actually fly with Santa around the world on Christmas Eve. But they work in special capacities that help Santa anyway.

We also get visiting reindeer at the North Pole who don’t work for Santa at all. They just come to visit their family who DO work for Santa. Santa encourages their visits.

The reason we are seeing so many reindeer now versus at other times is that the Reindeer Games will be starting soon.

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