Reindeer Games Coming This Week

The annual Reindeer Games kick off this week at the North Pole. The games are part of an extensive training program for Santa’s reindeer.

The games are also good training for elves in Flight Command at the North Pole as well. The traffic of incoming and outgoing reindeer gives good practice to new flight controllers at the North Pole.

Believe it or not, there is not just one sleigh leaving the ground on Christmas. Once we launch Santa, there are thousands of other sleighs that take to the skies world wide in support of the Santa effort.

We have to track every one of them.

We also follow the Reindeer games because it gives us a chance as well to improve our reindeer tracking technology. You see, we not only track sleighs, we track reindeer, too.

We monitor each of the reindeer for their health and safety. It is part of our job.

So the reindeer games are a big part of our lead up to Christmas.

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