Reindeer Embracing New Technology

Flight engineers this week are testing a radical new technology that embeds communication capability into the antlers of Santa’s reindeer.

“The antlers serve a natural purpose for the reindeer,” noted Elf Melissa St. Cloud, a scientist in the North Pole Research and Development Department. “But for one very long night the reindeer are out of the wild and in the skies with Santa. Couldn’t that time use the natural extension of the antlers to aid in communication? We’re not talking about talking to the reindeer but rather using them as conduits for channeling radio and data.”

It is an interesting idea. With 9 reindeer each set of antlers could be specifically “tuned” for a special purpose. Comet, for example, could channel sleigh speed data while Blitzen could project radio transmissions for Santa’s communication with North Pole flight command.

Santa has already said the project could NOT be used to communicate WITH the reindeer — that’s a job that Santa feels is his alone and he does not want that messed with. However, he does admit that the antlers are “just there” and not serving any other useful purpose on Christmas Eve.

This is a project still in early development and one that likely will not be employed on this year’s flight.

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