What North Pole Flight Command Does

North Pole Flight CommandDecember 22nd is the most important day of the year on the calendar of any elf working at the North Pole Flight Command Center.

That is the day when full control of Operation Merry Christmas transfers to Flight Command.

By that time the elves in the workshop are wrapping up their work. They guys over in the Wrapping Department are still hard at work but they are not in charge.

The Reindeer Operations Department, the Research and Development Department, and even the North Pole Post Office all turn to the elves in charge at the North Pole Flight Command Center and ask for orders.

By December 22nd, the Flight Command Center is running 24 hours a day and starting to move “assets” around the world map in support of Santa’s flight.

It is the Flight Command Center that takes charge of Santa’s Sleigh. They make sure it is inspected, washed, waxed and flight-tested one last time before Santa crawls up into it.

It is the Flight Command Center that orders Santa’s reindeer to be evaluated, rested, and outfitted for launch.

It is the Flight Command Center that assigns trackers elves to their stations worldwide and then transports them there between December 22nd and December 23rd.

It is the Flight Command Center that sets up regional tracking centers in five key locations around the world and it is the Flight Command Center that sends out communication to rally and organize the millions of Santa trackers around the globe.

Starting on December 22nd the Flight Command Center launches a massive airlift in support of Santa. The first order of business is getting key elves into position. The second is transporting supplies to distribution points strategically located around the world. The third is launching support sleighs that serve as weather observers, rescue units, repair and maintenance, and in other support capacities for Santa.

And finally there are flights to send reindeer to points around the globe where they work as stand-by for Santa and in support flights as needed in each country.

All Santa has to do is snap his fingers and say, “I need this” and the Flight Command Center will send whatever Santa requests via a sleigh that is near him.

Our job is to get Santa around the world, help him deliver on time, and to return him home safely in time for Christmas with his family.

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