North America Flight Command Location Chosen

A remote and little known place called Santa, Idaho has been selected as the location for the North Pole’s Flight Command Center for North America.

“This is the area of the world where Santa is most popular,” explained Elf Hanley Richardson, head of the committee over this year’s site selection. “We toured more than a dozen locations in Canada, Greenland, the United States and even in Bermuda before settling on Santa, Idaho.”

Last year Santa fans sought out the location in Nevada, which was located not far from Las Vegas. There were long lines for tours and fans who wanted their pictures taken with Elf Red Stocking, who was anchoring North Pole news on remote assignment from that location last year.

“We can’t afford that kind of disruption this year,” Elf Hanley said.

While he didn’t name the exact location in Santa, Idaho where the center would be there is a rumor floating around that it is in a cave.

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