Flight Tests Resume Over North Atlantic

Flight Tests Resume Over North Atlantic

Flight tests of Santa’s sleigh have resumed over the North Atlantic and sleigh designers are pleased with how it is going.

Winds were causing issues with the sleigh’s stability when empty and it performed even worse when loaded full. However the installation of new stabilizers produced good results, allowing designers to move on to other issues.

Test pilots now are running the sleigh through drills, both loaded and unloaded, at different altitudes and in different kinds of weather.

The sleigh test team is very encouraged to be this far along in testing with Christmas still more than a month away.

Flight Tests End with Sleigh Needing Repair

Flight Tests End with Sleigh Needing Repair

Flight analysts and sleigh engineers removed Santa’s sleigh from test flights over India and transferred to a sleigh repair facility in Norway this week. Test flights were sucessful but left the sleigh with some needed attention.

“We are not in danger of Santa’s sleigh NOT being ready,” said Elf Walter Wagstaff, a sleigh engineer. “The reason we do so many test flights is to ensure we get everything right. We don’t expect to get it perfect the first few times out.”

There is no word on how long the sleigh will be in Norway and there is no known plan for its next destination. You can track Santa’s sleigh on the big map at TrackingSanta.net.

Santa himself is yet to test the sleigh, that will not come from many weeks yet.

Regional Tracking Centers Going Up

Regional Tracking Centers Going Up

Trackers over at SantaTrackers.net learned earlier this week where at least some of the Regional Tracking Centers will be built.

Sector 1 will utilize the same location as was used last year in Kiritibati. This sector covers all of the South Pacific.

Sector 2, covering Asia and the Middle East, will have a tracking center located this year on Christmas Island.

Sector 3 was just announced on Friday. The Regional Headquarters and Tracking Center for Europe and Africa will be located in Bethlehem, Wales, UK.

Sector 4, covering Central and South America, will be located in Natal, Brazil.

We are yet to learn where the location will be for Sector 5, covering North America. That announcement is expected soon.

These centers need to be up and operational as soon as possible. The work of establishing stable communication with the North Pole and organizing trackers in each sector takes some time. We need all pieces in place by Christmas Eve.

First Remote Test Flights in India

First Remote Test Flights in India

Santa tracking season has begun at the North Pole Flight Command Center.

A team of sleigh flight engineers and test pilots have been dispatched to India to begin testing Santa’s new sleigh. These are very preliminary tests that will refine communication systems at high speeds and high altitudes.

We have activated the tracking map that we use in the North Pole Flight Command Center as a means of testing our Internet connectivity and systems. This is routine. We try to get all the bugs worked out before we begin tracking of Santa Claus later in December. Test flights give us a good way to do that.

You can see the map for yourself at TrackingSanta.net.

Flight Command Begins the 2018 Tracking Season

Flight Command Begins the 2018 Tracking Season

Greetings, Santa fans! North Pole Flight Command is pleased to welcome you to the 2018 Santa Tracking season.

Over the course of the next couple of months we will be planning and then tracking Santa’s flight. This website serves as our news portal in that effort. We will update you with the technical news and information of Santa’s sleigh as well as provide you with critical flight data you require as Santa takes flight. In addition, we provide the following:

– World wide weather updates around the clock for areas in Santa’s flight zone
– Reindeer updates as we monitor their condition and flight readiness
– Bed time warnings by direct feed from Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve
– Breaking news of local conditions that affects Santa’s flight

Our efforts are given in conjunction with several other Official North Pole websites that provide news and information relative to Santa, the North Pole, elves and Santa’s flight around the world.

We welcome you to our merry little portal of Santa news!