Computer Chatter Continues in Flight Command

Computer Chatter Continues in Flight Command

(UPDATE) — The strange activity on Tracking Center computers reported just a few days ago continues at all hours of the day and night, confounding experts at the North Pole.

“We know it is not a virus and we know it is not a hack,” said Elf Agent X of North Pole Security. “The signals are harmless but they are persistent and they are targeted. Someone knows how to send these strange signals to us and they are coming just here to these computers. That cannot be an accident.”

The North Pole Tracking Department has kept a vigilant search for Santa for nearly three months despite Mrs. Claus’ insistence that Santa is not really lost. Elves at the Flight Command Center are convinced these strange computer signals have something to do with Santa, while Mrs. Claus continues to think the entire thing is a waste of time.

Elves are traveling from the North Pole to the United States with data captured from the computer systems to share with experts at NASA, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T. Other elves are in negotiation with experts in military and industry in Japan, Germany and India.

In an odd bit of news, Elf Roger Star of the management team at the Flight Command Center has invited several linguists from a conference being held this week in Israel to come to the North Pole to listen to what has been captured.

“We don’t know what this is,” Elf Roger said. “It might be something from Santa. It might be something from outer space. Regardless, wouldn’t you like to know what it is?”

The guys in the tracking department have something they normally do not — time. There isn’t much for them to do at this time of year so they are pursuing this mystery — with the backdrop of Santa who has been gone from the North Pole since July 25th — as a means of training and working on their tracking skills.

Ironically, for all the experts they are calling to aid in this situation the one expert above all they could use they simply cannot find. His name is Santa Claus.

Messages Coming in to the Flight Command Center

Messages Coming in to the Flight Command Center

(BULLETIN) — Computer analysts at the North Pole have detected odd activity on computers at the North Pole Flight Command Center.

It is not a hack and it is not a virus. Experts suggest the activity appears to be in the form of a coded message.

“Now don’t get too excited,” warned Elf Agent X, head of North Pole Security. “This could be just the North Koreans messing with us, or perhaps a group of computer nerds or something. We don’t know what this is, so please give us a little time to work this out.”

As you know, elves in the tracking center continue an effort to locate Santa, who left the North Pole in July and has remained out of contact since that time.

Mrs. Claus insists that Santa isn’t officially lost. But elves are nervous anyway.