What Tracking Santa Here Looks Like on Christmas Eve

Tracking SantaTracking Santa is more than just looking at a marker on a map.

Those markers and the news behind what’s going with Santa have to come from somewhere. This website is the work behind all that — from the Santa trackers, spotters and “Santa Secret Spy” elves out there.

The first thing to understand about Christmas Eve is that is starts earlier than you think. The world is a big place. Half the world is in one day while the other half is in another day. So Christmas Eve isn’t just 24 hours — it is longer than that!

Customarily Santa launches from the North Pole at a set hour. That hour is 1:00 am EST on December 24th for most people in the eastern part of the United States.

That same hour translates to 8:00 pm on 12/24 in the Southern Hemisphere. But it is only 8:00 pm on December 23rd in Honolulu at that hour. Those people in Hawaii have to wait a full day before they can even think of hanging their stockings.

So keeping track of time while you track Santa is very important.

That is why the North Pole announces tracking centers and sends out elves in stations all over the world days and weeks in advance of Christmas. There needs to be time to get every tracker, spotter and elf in place.

Once they are in place they have two jobs to do: first, they are on the lookout. They are watching for Santa in their local area. Plus they are looking for dangers that might prove a problem for Santa when he comes through.

The second part of their job is to REPORT what they see. Both Santa and the Santa tracking public use the information they provide.

This site will share what Santa trackers report and what the Tracking Department has on Santa at the North Pole.

Official North Pole elves working as spotters and trackers also bear the responsibility of sharing important information such as bed time warnings. They might also share critical flight data from computers located on Santa’s sleigh.

This site shares informational responsibility with several other official Santa tracking websites.

TrackingSanta.net showcases the same world map used in the North Pole Tracking Center. It will show where Santa is at all times.

SantaUpdate.com tells the story of the whole North Pole effort to help Santa deliver, something they call Operation Merry Christmas. This site is run by the North Pole News Department.

SantaTrackers.net is where elves worldwide gather online in their work for Santa. We cannot do our job without them. Much of the information they gather and submit gets conveyed here.

And of course, tracking Santa is incomplete without listening to the live radio broadcast on Kringle Radio featuring our own reporters.

The serious fan of Santa cannot be without this information. Tracking Santa has been an art and a science for decades. SantaTracking.org is just making that job easier.