Santa’s Guide for Tracking Santa

Santa's Guide to Tracking SantaTracking Santa around the world on Christmas Eve is a very old tradition. For ages children all over the world have wondered where Santa was, what he was doing and just when he would get to their house. That is what tracking Santa is all about.

As the world has grown and technology has advance there has become available more information than ever to aid a Santa fan in tracking Santa. The problem with so much information is how to organize and how to know which of it is genuine. That is why Santa publishes his own websites and gives this direction for tracking Santa.

Santa offers five steps to properly tracking Santa.

#1 — Get prepared.

A good Santa tracker will not rely on anyone’s map but their own. You will need to follow many sources of news and information (listed below). Then you will need to mark Santa’s location on a map. Santa suggests you invest in a large wall map of the world, available in most places for less than $5. Yes, there are maps online and Santa offers his own too but having a large map that you can use a marker or even yarn on to fill out Santa’s path makes it an activity everyone in the house can enjoy together. Santa encourages tracking Santa in groups or in families.

#2 — Use North Pole Media Sources First

Who knows the most about Santa’s flight — his team at the North Pole! This website is just one of several the North Pole publishes to aid Santa trackers around the world. Of course, from here we will give you all flight information you need. We give you technical details and communications here directly from Santa himself, including the ever-important Christmas Eve bedtime warnings that Santa sends out. But there are several other North Pole websites you should be following: — the is the main news portal for the North Pole. This site tells you not only where Santa is and what he is doing but it also tells the stories of the elves on Christmas Eve. This is the very first website published by the North Pole more than a quarter of a century ago. — This is the very same map we use here in the Flight Command Center. It is precise, up-to-the minute information on Santa’s location. — If you desire to become an elf you can be trained to track Santa for Santa. This special website immerses you in the flight experience and you send information, as an elf, to the North Pole that might help Santa on his flight. — Listen to the same radio station Santa listens to as he flies around the world. Hear the breaking news from the North Pole’s own radio reporters. Kringle Radio provides a player on every North Pole website so that you can hear it no matter which site you are visiting. — Need to send a last minute wish to Santa? Want to connect with your favorite elf at the North Pole? This website gives you another way to connect with the North Pole. — Going to be away from your computer and on the go Christmas Eve? You can get the latest North Pole news texted to you from the North Pole Newsroom. You can even call the North Pole from this handy website.

#3 — Outside Media Sources

The following websites are not officially linked to the North Pole but they have excellent information and any serious Santa tracker should know about them:

The Santa

NORAD Tracks Santa

Google Santa Tracker

#4 — Do What Santa Tells You on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an exciting time, for sure. But some tend to get too excited and they forget to do important things. If you follow along with the North Pole official websites as listed above you will know what Santa wants you to do. The most important direction he will give you is a bed time warning. Those show up for each individual area of the world right here on this website.

When Santa says it’s time for bed, it’s time for bed.