Long Distance Sleigh Test Flight to Europe Underway

Santa’s sleigh took an easternly course in the past hour and is now over the Atlantic ocean and heading to Europe.

Flight engineers say an agressive flight plan over Europe will cause it to update on the map several times over the course of the next 24 hours. Part of the purpose of this flight is to test the tracking map mechanisms for accuracy.

With so many eyes of the world on this map the Tracking Department wants to ensure that the map is timely and accurate. Hopefully this test will bear that out.

For these test flights the map can be viewed at SantaTrackers.net, for certified tracker elves only. The test flight maps serve as a training procedure for those tracking Santa for Santa. More information about the Santa Tracker Elf Program and be found at SantaTrackers.net.

The full map will be accessible on all Official North Pole Websites once Santa launches from the North Pole.

We remind you that Santa is NOT aboard the test flights of his sleigh. He leaves the testing to the elves of the Research and Development Department.

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