Flight Command Switches to 24-Hours Operation

In an unexpected move today North Pole Flight Command Center has elevated its operational status to 24-hours per day.

This is unprecedented. Normally the Flight Command Center does not run around the clock until early November.

Speculation at the North Pole is running rampant. Most assume the move is being made to accommodate tracker training associated in the search for Santa.

In an official statement released by North Pole Flight Director Elf Quinton Q. Quigley the Flight Command Center required the elevated status due to changes in the delivery schedule for supplies, shipments and reindeer movement associated with the Christmas season ahead. The statement claims the change is routine.

Recent closed door meetings at Flight Command suggests to some that the search for Santa is more serious than is being reported.

What the change is status means for casual observers is that sleighs will now be taking off and landing at the North Pole at any hour of the day or night. That does not suggest that sleigh traffic will be constant, as it is in the days leading up to Christmas. But it does mean a greater amount of flight activity and the likelihood of more breaking news in the days and weeks ahead.

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