Sector 1 – South Pacific and Micronesia

The first sector on Santa’s annual Christmas flight covers New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga and all the islands of the sea in the South Pacific. It covers all of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Guam and the Philippines to the North.

2019 Flight Command and Tracking Center Location: Burnt Pine, Australia
Inhabitants: 50,000,000
Belief in Santa: 43%
Santa Favorabiity Rating: 88%

Things that make this sector unique: Christmas Eve means summertime in the Southern Hemisphere. Families celebrate outdoors and late at night, making early delivery a real challenge for Santa. Roof tops tend to be soft, so Santa has to land the sleigh on lawns and beaches much of the time.

Delivery Challenges: Sparse population over large bodies and segments of water make efficient delivery impossible in this part of the world. Heat and humidity also take a toll on the reindeer. No other part of the world puts as much physical demand on Santa and the reindeer. Since there is so much water in this sector Santa does a lot of delivery to ships at sea each Christmas here.

Estimated time for Santa to deliver: 8 hours