Sector 5 — North America

Santa is a superstar in North America. Nowhere is he better known and nowhere does he have the challenges that fame brings than in North America.

2019 Flight Command and Tracking Center Location: Noelville, Ontario, Canada
Inhabitants: 600 Million
Belief in Santa: 88%
Santa Favorabiity Rating: 98%

Things that make this sector unique: Santa has to come in the dark of night here because he is recognized everywhere he goes. There are more trackers of Santa here than anywhere else in the world and people make it a tradition to follow Santa’s every steps on Christmas Eve. They love Santa, they love the reindeer, they love elves — there isn’t anything about it all they don’t like.

Delivery Challenges: Santa is considered part of every family here. They want to talk to him, to take pictures with him, get his autograph, etc. The world here just doesn’t seem to understand that Santa is in a hurry and this part of the world always finds unique ways to slow Santa’s progress.

Estimated time for Santa to deliver: 6 hours