Sector 4 — Central and South America

Santa calls Central and South America the “Christmas Party Capital” of the world. They love Christmas, they love Santa and they love celebrating it all into the wee hours of the night.

2019 Flight Command and Tracking Center Location: Conception, Peru
Inhabitants: 500 Million
Belief in Santa: 88%
Santa Favorabiity Rating: 93%

Things that make this sector unique: Large family gatherings, late night parties and summer weather make this a very unique part of the world. The food is colorful and often spicy, the decorations are always festive, the music is usually loud and the prayers are sometimes long. Santa LOVES this part of the world. They are warm, giving and thoughtful.

Delivery Challenges: Santa has to be very careful not to arrive here too early. Children especially stay up very late due to the heat and summertime traditions of this part of the world. Sometimes Santa will bounce back and forth between North and South America to deliver because South America just isn’t in bed yet. They get early bedtime warnings but the trackers here work overtime to report news to Santa when everyone is in bed.

Estimated time for Santa to deliver: 4 hours