Sector 3 — Africa and Europe

Africa and Europe are a welcome place for Santa. Sector 3 knows Santa almost better than any other area of the world and the tradition of Santa Claus here is as old as it is diverse.

2019 Flight Command and Tracking Center Location: Stocking, Austria
Inhabitants: 2 billion
Belief in Santa: 68%
Santa Favorabiity Rating: 89%

Things that make this sector unique: Traditions vary widely within Sector 3 but Santa is always warmly welcomed everywhere within this sector. The oldest Santa traditions of the world are in this region and it was here that the many legends of Santa Claus transpired. They welcome Santa with diverse foods and many millions here faithfully track Santa on his flight.

Delivery Challenges: Africa’s deserts, heat and dry climate make for fatigue challenges for the reindeer while further north in Europe winter storms on Christmas can be the worst in the world. Dense populations in Germany, Austria and other European countries means that Santa has to work fast as he goes from home to home. If Santa can get through Europe quickly the Flight Command Center expects speed records for Santa’s flight to fall. But if he gets hung up in Europe it can mean many millions in the Americas can sleep in late on Christmas morning.

Estimated time for Santa to deliver: 8 hours