Sector 2 — Asia and the Middle East

Asia and the Middle East mark the largest geographical area that Santa has to cover. And it is home to billions of people.

2019 Flight Command and Tracking Center Location: San Nicholas, Philippines
Inhabitants: 4.7 billion
Belief in Santa: 13%
Santa Favorabiity Rating: 9%

Things that make this sector unique: Great diversity marks Sector #2. Santa is very popular in Russia and areas to the North but almost completely unknown to the billions of people that populate the south. The religious peoples of these lands tend to view Santa with a more sacred appreciation for his good works and charity. While some celebrate Santa most here do not expect a visit from Santa preferring instead that Santa focus on the less fortunate in his giving.

Delivery Challenges: While Santa can move quickly through these regions there are pockets of trouble where rogue governments do not welcome Santa in their airspace. Santa has faced some difficult resistance in years past in places such as North Korea and Iran.

Estimated time for Santa to deliver: 7 hours