How Flight Command Sees the World

The North Pole Flight Command Center divides the world into five large sectors as shown as on the map below.


Click on any area of the map to learn more about it.

At flight command we see the world in different pieces. Each piece is part of an overall puzzle.

Our job is to complete the puzzle within a roughly 30-hour time frame. That’s the amount of time Santa realistically has to get Christmas to people before they wake up on Christmas morning.

It is a complex job with thousands of moving parts. There are literally thousands of elements, scenarios and variables that go into a successful mission. Remember — we don’t just have to get Santa around the world during that short window of time — he also has to deliver Christmas to millions during that time.

We have to take into account things like the weather, the customs of each location, the laws governing high speed flight, and the location of every believer of Santa Claus and where they live.

We have to coordinate a massive support effort that takes thousands of elves, thousands of reindeer and thousands of sleigh to pull off.

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