Flight Command Closed Today

On the orders of Santa Claus the Flight Command Center at the North Pole is closed today and all flights into and out of the North Pole have been canceled today.

This is very unusual with Christmas Eve just a week away now.

Santa is no doubt very concerned about the ongoing health crisis in the form of the Bah Humbug virus at the North Pole. Santa’s workshop has been a focus these past few weeks and production there has suffered because of the bug. But Santa knows that he cannot allow the virus to stop operations at Flight Command.

He is imposing a rest order today so that elves there can stay healthy and be healthy a week from now when he needs them most.

Flight command management is not happy about the decision. They cite ongoing flight training of new sleigh pilots — which has been going on since early September — as a major need to be open today. They also say shutting down for a day will further delay the arrival of materials and supplies needed in Santa’s workshop during these crucial last days before Christmas.

Santa ignored these protests and the flight command center will remain closed until tomorrow morning at 6 am.

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