Technology Failing to Find Santa

Frustrated Santa trackers in the Flight Command Center made a stunning admission today, saying their efforts to find Santa were a “failure in technology”. Experts there say new tactics in the search for Santa would need to be explored.

Santa has been gone from the North Pole since July 24. Officially, he is not lost.

Santa left on “walkabout”, a kind of journey that he has taken in distant years past. It involves Santa changing his appearance (he shaved!) and leaving the North Pole on foot for points unknown. When he left Santa was candid in explaining it may be a while before people would hear from him.

Nevertheless, within weeks of his departure nervous elves began to speculate on Santa’s whereabouts. At first, Internet forums began chattering, then letters started to arrive at the North Pole Post Office and finally a petition was sent to the Tracking Department at Flight Command to start a search for Santa.

Those efforts have grown in recent weeks to a worldwide search for Santa. Hundreds of professional trackers have been dispatched from the North Pole and a series of high level meetings yielding different strategies and actions combining the forces of Flight Command and the North Pole Security Department.

Despite the worldwide efforts to find Santa there has been no sign of Santa. Nobody at the North Pole has heard from him. And his whereabouts remain unknown.

As we enter the third month of Santa’s absence and yet another month closer to Christmas it is anticipate that the search for Santa will intensify.

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