Closed Door Meetings at Flight Command

North Pole Flight CommandAn emergency closed door meeting is underway at this hour a North Pole Flight Command.

This is a very unusual event for the time of year. Normally Flight Command is engaged in pilot and reindeer training flights during the month of August. There are no urgent events to speak of.

However, elves are stationed in full uniform and very serious looks are on faces as the Flight Command staff gathers. There has been no word of the nature of their meeting or what it means for the North Pole.

It is worthy of note that Santa Claus has been gone from the North Pole for more than 3 weeks and nobody knows where he is. That is not news anyone here hasn’t already heard about.

But speculation is running rampant that Santa’s status on walkabout is the reason for the meeting and that the elves here in Flight Command are about to do something to find Santa.

We will keep you posted.

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