Where You Get Your Santa Data is Important

Where You Get Your Santa Data is Important

Millions love to track Santa each and every year. Unfortunately, many who do so get information about Santa’s travels from inaccurate sources.

We remind all trackers that the only reliable information about Santa, his whereabouts and what he is going through can only be found on authorized North Pole websites…such as this one.

The North Pole Flight Command Center provides accurate and timely data to SantaUpdate.com, TrackingSanta.net and SantaTrackers.net through THIS webiste.

Some people like to use data provided by search engines, military websites, weather websites, local news broadcasts, etc. That’s fine. But just realize that none of those are authorized websites and they may (and probably do) contain erroneous information.

Sleigh Bells Go High Tech

Sleigh Bells Go High Tech

The sleigh bells on Santa’s sleigh are no ordinary sleigh bells. They contain high tech electronics that serve many useful purposes.

They are weather monitors. They provide detailed information about current temperatures, precipitation, air pressure and other climate data. They give the North Pole real time data right where Santa and the reindeer are located.

They are radios. They listen and they broadcast what is going on with Santa and the sleigh. There are thousands of bells, thus there are thousands of receptors and cameras. These come back to the North Pole in high definition so clear that it feels like we are really there.

They are sleigh monitors. We can see all sides of Santa’s sleigh and detect at any given moment if there is an damage or if any adjustments need to be made.

They are reindeer trackers. They monitor the health of each reindeer, measuring their heart rate, breathing rate, and even their hunger levels. We know if they have a cold or even if they suffer from skin irritation.

They are recorders. They take in everything of the environment of where Santa’s sleigh is. They measure the wind. They take video everywhere Santa goes. They record location information and broadcasts it back to the North Pole.

They are advanced mapping devices. They help us improve on the maps we have by updating changes in terrain in any location. If new roads are built, we know about it right away. If a building shows up where there wasn’t a building before, the sleigh bells let us known even before Santa lands.

Tracking Reindeer

Tracking Reindeer

Each reindeer in flight from the North Pole is tracked. We see them on radar no matter where in the world they go.

We track them for their health and safety.

If we see something wrong near where they are flying we try to steer them in another direction. This could be anything from bad weather to rogue airplanes. There is a lot of bad stuff in the sky that we want to keep the reindeer away from.

New technology allows us to do this. For example, old technology like sleigh bells make it so you can hear reindeer whether they are high or low. But within that sleighbell now are some high tech components such as heart monitors, weather trackers, and video cameras. Nearly every part of reindeer flight is observed while reindeer are in flight.

Santa uses so many reindeer on Christmas that tracking them all requires a lot of elves.

We can track reindeer in teams or individually. We have it set up so that alarms trigger observation when it is needed. We know almost immediately what is going on with a reindeer when we need to know it.

If you thought tracking Santa was a big job, you should try tracking each individual reindeer.

It takes a lot of technology.

Working the Maps

Working the Maps

Besides the reindeer games this is a big week for map training at the North Pole.

Santa very famously announced an ambitious goal earlier this year of recruiting more than 6 million new tracker elves via SantaTrackers.net. These elves are critical to the success of Santa’s flight and they send in a lot of information.

This affects the flight of Santa in several ways. With each report sent in by a track more and more information goes into the map that Santa sees. He uses that information to decide where to go to next on his flight.

This week, with more and more new trackers on board, the elves at the North Pole Flight Command Center are working on how to put their information into the map that Santa sees.

Will it change the big map you see on Christmas Eve as you track Santa with us?

You’ll have to be here to see.

Reindeer Games Coming This Week

Reindeer Games Coming This Week

The annual Reindeer Games kick off this week at the North Pole. The games are part of an extensive training program for Santa’s reindeer.

The games are also good training for elves in Flight Command at the North Pole as well. The traffic of incoming and outgoing reindeer gives good practice to new flight controllers at the North Pole.

Believe it or not, there is not just one sleigh leaving the ground on Christmas. Once we launch Santa, there are thousands of other sleighs that take to the skies world wide in support of the Santa effort.

We have to track every one of them.

We also follow the Reindeer games because it gives us a chance as well to improve our reindeer tracking technology. You see, we not only track sleighs, we track reindeer, too.

We monitor each of the reindeer for their health and safety. It is part of our job.

So the reindeer games are a big part of our lead up to Christmas.