Where You Get Your Santa Data is Important

Where You Get Your Santa Data is Important

Millions love to track Santa each and every year. Unfortunately, many who do so get information about Santa’s travels from inaccurate sources.

We remind all trackers that the only reliable information about Santa, his whereabouts and what he is going through can only be found on authorized North Pole websites…such as this one.

The North Pole Flight Command Center provides accurate and timely data to SantaUpdate.com, TrackingSanta.net and SantaTrackers.net through THIS webiste.

Some people like to use data provided by search engines, military websites, weather websites, local news broadcasts, etc. That’s fine. But just realize that none of those are authorized websites and they may (and probably do) contain erroneous information.

Weather Center Optimistic for Christmas Eve

Weather Center Optimistic for Christmas Eve

There is no bigger team of elves at the North Pole Flight Command Center than those elves working the weather department.

It is their job to know the weather before Santa gets to any one part of the world.

It is a tougher job than it appears. They just can’t go look up the weather on the Internet.

They rely on realtime data from elves on the ground to do their work. We call these elves tracker elves. They come from SantaTrackers.net. Like all elves they are volunteers.

All of these elves work to tell Santa what is going on. They also need to know what WILL be going on when it really counts: Christmas Eve.

So far the weather elves at Flight Command are very optimistic about how the weather is shaping up for Christmas Eve. There will be places with bad weather, of course, but so far they don’t see anything major on their radars.

It is looking good.

Working the Maps

Working the Maps

Besides the reindeer games this is a big week for map training at the North Pole.

Santa very famously announced an ambitious goal earlier this year of recruiting more than 6 million new tracker elves via SantaTrackers.net. These elves are critical to the success of Santa’s flight and they send in a lot of information.

This affects the flight of Santa in several ways. With each report sent in by a track more and more information goes into the map that Santa sees. He uses that information to decide where to go to next on his flight.

This week, with more and more new trackers on board, the elves at the North Pole Flight Command Center are working on how to put their information into the map that Santa sees.

Will it change the big map you see on Christmas Eve as you track Santa with us?

You’ll have to be here to see.

Santa Depends on Tracker Elves

Santa Depends on Tracker Elves

One of the grand secrets of Santa’s success in getting around the world is the vast number of elves he has helping him. Santa creates a virtual army of elves through SantaTrackers.net to help the North Pole gather information that helps Santa move fast and safely.

Santa and the North Pole are attempting to recruit 6 million new tracker elves this year. That is a lot of eyes on the skies on Christmas Eve!

One of the new things Santa is asking of his trackers this year is for what is called a photo report. With so many smart phones in use in the world he is asking trackers to send photos of things in their area. He is even asking them to send photos of Christmas trees.

Santa’s trackers are always willing to help. They are, after all, elves.