Trackers to Receive Instruction Through a Radio Show

Trackers to Receive Instruction Through a Radio Show

Santa Trackers will now have one more resource for getting news and information from the North Pole in the lead up to Christmas: their own radio show.

In cooperation with the News Department at the North Pole, the Tracking Department will utilize the days before Christmas to share instruction, training and information to millions of Santa Trackers around the world by way of the North Pole radio station known as Kringle Radio.

“This improves our reach” said Elf Roger Star, International Head of Santa Trackers for Santa. “With Kringle Radio we will be able to reach more trackers in diverse places than ever before.”

Experts estimate that Santa will have more than 10 million certified Santa trackers world wide if recruiting goals are met via

Details for the radio show are pending, but it is assumed that it will happen before the annual 50-hour live radio news broadcast from Kringle Radio that tells the story of Santa as he makes his way around the world.

Tracker Elf Sign Ups Soar

Tracker Elf Sign Ups Soar

Santa set a goal of five million new tracker elf sign ups this year and we are off to a fantastic start.

The last known figure was just over one million since the goal was announced last month.

The information for becoming an elf tracking Santa for Santa can be found at

“It grows like a snowball rolling down-hill,” said Elf Crash Murphy. “All it takes is for one friend to tell another friend and each person doing that a few times and we’ll get to that 5 million person goal.”

Santa Trackers are receiving daily training information at and by the time Christmas rolls around and Santa flies he will be backed by millions of American supporters alone.

Millions of New Trackers to Receive Training

Millions of New Trackers to Receive Training

With the call to recruit millions of new Santa trackers comes the job of getting them all trained. The North Pole has less than a month to make those trackers ready.

Flight command officials today announced daily training plans for new trackers will be shared at their exclusive website,

“It is not hard work,” said Elf Roger Star. “But there are a number of things to know if they are going to useful trackers at all. A good tracker will visit the website there daily and follow the instructions they give on how to be a better tracker.”

Tracking Santa for Santa means reporting lots of information back to the North Pole. It is a job that requires a lot of people in many different places all over the world.

That is why Santa was more than 5 million new tracker elves this year.

Tracker Recruitment Goals Announced in World Wide Push

Tracker Recruitment Goals Announced in World Wide Push

(Flight Command Update — All Stations) — Senior officials at North Pole Flight Command have issued Santa’s official new recruiting goal of FIVE MILLION new tracker elves for the 2017 flight campaign.

Over at SantaTrackers.Net the official recruiting call has been announced and elves over there are being trained now to help with the effort.

If effective the new campaign will more than double the present pool of elves Tracking Santa for Santa world wide.

Elf Agent X, head of North Pole Security, lauded the announcement as a necessary step not only in helping North Pole Flight Command get Santa around the world but also ensuring Santa’s safety and security over the course of his 30-hour flight.

“The more eyes we have out there looking out for Santa the better,” Elf Agent X said. “It makes everyone’s job easier, especially Santa’s.”

Anyone at any age can be a tracker elf for Santa. All the details can be found at

Flight Command Swamped with Actvity

Flight Command Swamped with Actvity

So much is happening at North Pole Flight Command these days that elves are starting to cancel plans for vacations and days off. Some elves are even planning work the day of Halloween, something that almost never happens.

There have been constant high level meetings, new elf travel assignments and an endless stream of data being shared via secured channels relative to the hunt for Santa Claus.

Though we know now that Santa is probably safe the effort to find him only intensifies with the passage of time.

We have also received word that Santa’s trackers out there who work away from the North Pole may soon be activated for a special mission in the weeks ahead.

Stand by for more details.