Santa Urges Fans and Tracker to Get Sleep

Santa Urges Fans and Tracker to Get Sleep

With his launch only about 4 hours away Santa has issued an unusual statement urging fans and Santa trackers alike to respect normal sleep cycles and to keep to normal bedtime hours and routines. He is concerned for the health of those who stay up extra late to listen for the launch on Kringle Radio.

“It is a huge moment every year,” Elf Ernest, head of public relations at the North Pole told us as he watched over “I think the concern comes for folks in Sectors 4 and 5 because how late it will happen for them. It’s not their fault, it is just a time zone thing but being up late tonight will only make tomorrow a longer day for them. Besides, we archive the launch on and people can hear it in the morning when they wake up.”

Santa’s launch will come during the afternoon hours of Christmas Eve Day in Sector 1, the morning hours of Christmas Eve Day in Sector 2, the very early middle-of-the-night hours on Christmas Eve for Sector 3 and super late at night on December 23rd for some in sectors 4 and 5.

Sector 2 Enters the Red Zone

Sector 2 Enters the Red Zone

Sector 2, covering Asia and the Middle East, has just entered The Red Zone.

This is the largest area of land coverage in the world for Santa. It is also one of the most diverse sectors on earth. Believers are not as numerous and often there are dangers for flying in parts of Sector 2.

We do not expect strong tracker coverage in this sector, though that remains to be seen.

Because it is the largest this sector will remain in the Red Zone the longest of any other area on earth.

World Wide Tracker Check In Process to Begin Soon

World Wide Tracker Check In Process to Begin Soon

Santa Trackers around the world will be unified today in receiving instruction, news and information as they get into position to Track Santa.

In roughly 12 hours a special radio program just for certified tracker elves will air on Kringle Radio. That will be followed immediately with the annual Tracking Santa Around the World show. That show always begins as Christmas Eve dawns in the far reaches of the world.

That’s right. By tomorrow at this time it will be Christmas Eve somewhere in the world.

The news between now and then will focus on Santa trackers and their readiness. It is an important topic because it is felt that without the 10+ million strong army of Santa Trackers out there Christmas could be lost this year.

We will keep you posted on their progress and just what they report to the North Pole.

Don’t Wait Until December 24th to Track Santa

Don’t Wait Until December 24th to Track Santa

If you think tracking Santa happens on December 24th you’re going to miss it. What is the key time to be a Santa Tracker?


If you come around on Sunday, you’re going to miss out.

Santa Trackers will be given plenty of notice. There are four websites, at least 12 official North Pole social media sites and a year round radio station now playing live on several venues just to keep trackers informed.

But none of it will matter if you wait until it is December 24th where you live.

The Flight Command Center will be publishing news, updates, bedtime warnings, weather alerts, and providing all kinds of data for trackers out there. Check-ins for OFFICIAL Santa trackers, however, starts on Friday. It will happen in ORDER — starting with sector 1. Sector 1 gets delivered by Santa first. Trackers start checking in more than 48 hours before Santa launches.

Watch the countdown clock in the upper right hand corner of each North Pole website. Follow it.