Reindeer Getting Ready

Reindeer Getting Ready

Santa’s reindeer have been active after resting a good long while. They have recently had a good meal and are now getting some light exercise.

“Think of it like an athlete getting ready for a big game,” said Reindeer handler Elf Butch Morales. “They are quiet, peaceful. Kind of like they are trying to concentrate on something. They look ready to me.”

Within the next hour Santa will be hitching them to the sleigh personally.

Reindeer To Take a Brief Nap

Reindeer To Take a Brief Nap

Santa’s reindeer are all reportedly in fine condition and each of them are feeling very well. Per tradition, they have been isolated in a special area and are now rest in advance in Santa’s launch, some six hours or so from now.

The North Pole Flight Command Center has been charged with providing periodic updates the reindeer status. We shall do so over the next day or so as they make their way around the world with Santa.

Reindeer Clogged at the North Pole

Reindeer Clogged at the North Pole

Weather conditions and combined factors of reindeer coming in and reindeer waiting to depart have created a congest situation with air traffic at the North Pole. Flight Command officials will spend the next several hours getting as many reindeer into the air as possible.

What this means is an increased possibility of reindeer-in-flight sightings, especially over Canada for the next few hours. The Canadian corridor looks particularly favorable as a means of transporting masses of reindeer south.

The best thing about this situation is that it mobilizes thousands of support sleighs into the skies of the world.

But with Santa still hours away from flight these sleighs have no where to go and nothing to really do except escape the weather at the North Pole.

Freight distribution in the hours ahead will be something to talk about with all these sleighs in action. We’ll update you as we know more.

Operation Rudolph to Move Forward

Operation Rudolph to Move Forward

Santa Claus has just authorized a plan to bring thousands of more reindeer to the North Pole. The plan is called Operation Rudolph.

A mass migration of reindeer has already been underway for two days.

But conditions at the North Pole both with the weather and with concerns from a late-running workshop has caused the plan to kick-in.

With the move Santa brings most of his reindeer reserves to the North Pole.

The reason this is a big development is that any reindeer at the North Pole past the 20th of December will most certainly be used on Christmas Eve in one capacity or another. These reindeer are coming to the North Pole — they aren’t coming here for a vacation. They will be used.

All kinds of conjecture is being floated that these reindeer have something to do with the thousands of sleighs Santa had constructed over the summer.

When we learn more developments we will share them.

Reindeer Begin Migration to the North Pole

Thousands of reindeer from several different locations around the globe are starting to make their way to the North Pole. Experts at the North Pole say the reindeer population will more than triple in the next few days. Here is where they are located:

These are specially raised reindeer who are trained to work in various capacities in support of Santa’s flight. They may not fly Santa himself but they certainly fly FOR Santa.

The North Pole is working on the flight plans of thousands of sleighs. But none of those plans will do any good without reindeer to power them.