Catch Me If You Can

The next phase of testing Santa’s sleigh will take it over the United States of America. The tests will be measuring the effectiveness of the stealth capabilities of Santa’s Sleigh.

Frankly speaking, this test is all about being able to see Santa’s sleigh. The flight plan takes the sleigh over some of the most densely populated areas of what we call Sector 5.

This sector has the highest number of Santa believers.

If you have ever wanted to see Santa’s sleigh in flight, today is the day. It will cross North America several times over a long period on the day of December 21st. It will be moving very fast at times and at times it will be very high. However, there may be times when the sleigh is brought in “low and slow”.

You should know that when this test is conducted every year there is a competition among the test pilots. Any test pilot who can complete the test flight without getting caught is awarded the Golden Candy Cane.

How does a test pilot NOT get caught?

If a sighting is reported during the duration of the flight it is very easy for North Pole Flight Command to verify the sighting. There are trackers, GPS devices and other technology employed for the North Pole to easily confirm an alleged sighting. That’s true of the test but also of Santa’s actual flight as well.

In the 60 years or so of this flight test only two test pilots have ever won the Golden Candy Cane. The test is designed to be difficult.

So, we’re telling you now to keep an eye out for it. Go catch our pilots.You can use the live map at today to help you.

If the test flight is showing close to your general area we encourage you to take a peek outside to see if you can see it. Take pictures or videos if you can. Definitely report what you see to the North Pole.

We dare you.

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