Busy Test Flight Period Begins

Flight engineers at the North Pole kicked off the busiest test flight portion of the year by moving Santa’s sleigh to North Dakota, USA for more testing.

You can follow along with the big map used in the tracking center at TrackingSanta.net.

What are they testing for and why in North Dakota?

Santa’s sleigh will be tested in many parts of the world over the next 30 days. Flight engineers need to evaluate how it performs in different climates. The plains of North Dakota are cold and very windy. These are important tests.

They will be testing how the sleigh flies empty versus how it flies when full. They will test it at high altitudes and low. They will go fast and slow. They will test it and test it and test it some more.

By the time Santa climbs into the sleigh on Christmas Eve it will have been tested over most places on Earth by qualified test pilots in every possible kind of situation logging hundreds of thousands of air miles.

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