Flight Plans Under Review

Flight Plans Under Review

Flight plans for Santa’s Christmas flight are being reviewed at the North Pole. In fact, Mrs. Claus herself has been one of those reviewing the plans.

There is a reason they call it the Tracking Department. Even though Santa’s flight is tracked there is little actual planning of Santa’s flight that takes place. That is because Santa likes to go at his in pace in his own way.

In fact, Santa never takes the same path twice as he makes his way around the world.

Santa always listens very politely to the flight engineers at the North Pole. They gather weather information, air traffic information, ground information and other such sources of information and they give Santa a suggested way to go.

But he never does.

Sometimes Santa just barrels into the areas where the weather is the worst or the conditions for flight aren’t all that great. When we say that Santa is on “a mission” what we mean is that Santa knows exactly where he wants to go and when he wants to get there.

So all the flight plans in the world at the Flight Command Center do not matter — at least to Santa.

Now, for all the OTHER flights that happen at the North Pole. Well, those are planned down to the second and every sleigh pilot has to follow them.

Trackers to Receive Instruction Through a Radio Show

Trackers to Receive Instruction Through a Radio Show

Santa Trackers will now have one more resource for getting news and information from the North Pole in the lead up to Christmas: their own radio show.

In cooperation with the News Department at the North Pole, the Tracking Department will utilize the days before Christmas to share instruction, training and information to millions of Santa Trackers around the world by way of the North Pole radio station known as Kringle Radio.

“This improves our reach” said Elf Roger Star, International Head of Santa Trackers for Santa. “With Kringle Radio we will be able to reach more trackers in diverse places than ever before.”

Experts estimate that Santa will have more than 10 million certified Santa trackers world wide if recruiting goals are met via SantaTrackers.net.

Details for the radio show are pending, but it is assumed that it will happen before the annual 50-hour live radio news broadcast from Kringle Radio that tells the story of Santa as he makes his way around the world.

Mrs. Claus Gets Flight Training

Mrs. Claus Gets Flight Training

Sleigh Pilot Flight Training continues after seeing better than 2000 elves sign up since September. Today the flight school welcomed one very surprise student — Mrs. Claus!

She showed up in a pink flight suit and has been all business. She is devoting every day for the rest of this work week to attending flight training school and hopes to hit the skies in a sleigh as the pilot either Friday or Monday, if she is ready.

The North Pole has been pushing to have more trained sleigh pilots available for one simple reason: Santa built thousands of sleighs over the summer months and they will do absolutely no good to anyone on Christmas Eve unless Santa has people to drive them. Now it appears Mrs. Claus wants to be one of them.

What Mrs. Claus plans to do with her flight training is really unknown. Santa has not informed the tracking department in any way to indicate that Mrs. Claus will be used in Operation Merry Christmas.

Reindeer Embracing New Technology

Reindeer Embracing New Technology

Flight engineers this week are testing a radical new technology that embeds communication capability into the antlers of Santa’s reindeer.

“The antlers serve a natural purpose for the reindeer,” noted Elf Melissa St. Cloud, a scientist in the North Pole Research and Development Department. “But for one very long night the reindeer are out of the wild and in the skies with Santa. Couldn’t that time use the natural extension of the antlers to aid in communication? We’re not talking about talking to the reindeer but rather using them as conduits for channeling radio and data.”

It is an interesting idea. With 9 reindeer each set of antlers could be specifically “tuned” for a special purpose. Comet, for example, could channel sleigh speed data while Blitzen could project radio transmissions for Santa’s communication with North Pole flight command.

Santa has already said the project could NOT be used to communicate WITH the reindeer — that’s a job that Santa feels is his alone and he does not want that messed with. However, he does admit that the antlers are “just there” and not serving any other useful purpose on Christmas Eve.

This is a project still in early development and one that likely will not be employed on this year’s flight.

A Sleigh for Mrs. Claus

A Sleigh for Mrs. Claus

For the past several months North Pole sleigh designers have secretly worked on a special project. They have been building a special sleigh for Mrs. Claus.

It has most of the features of Santa’s sleigh but is built to accommodate her smaller size and shorter reach.

“This is a serious Santa-like delivery vehicle,” said Elf Rupert, head of the project. “It has the same safety features, the same speed capabilities, the same security system and a similar cargo capacity as Santa’s sleigh. This sleigh could seriously serve as a backup to Santa’s sleigh, that’s how good it is.”

What is not being talked about are the plans for this sleigh and whether or not Mrs. Claus will actually use it on Christmas Eve.

“We only build them,” said Rupert. “What they use them for is up to them.”

Flight plans for Santa’s annual flight are being worked on constantly and there are no known plans at this time to include Mrs. Claus on any Christmas Eve activity. For all we know Mrs. Claus will be where she usually is — hosting the North Pole Christmas Eve party while Santa flies around the world.