Santa Launches in Snowy Glory

Santa Launches in Snowy Glory

The long wait is over: Santa has launched from the North Pole, fighting severe headwinds and a blinding blizzard.

He is presently flying high above the weather but still relatively low at 20,000 feet. Santa is headed south, of course, but is yet to set his course for destination. He continues to be in communication with the North Pole.

Traditionally it is several hours after Santa launches before we receive word of his first visits in the South Pacific. We peg it between 2 and 5 hours from now.

Please stand by.

Santa to Take Off in a Blizzard

Santa to Take Off in a Blizzard

Santa will be leaving the North Pole in a blinding blizzard within the next few minutes.

It is not the first time Santa has left under these conditions.

Santa’s launch is customarily a spectator event but not tonight. We cannot even count on television coverage of it because there is so much blinding, swirling snow in the air.

The “launch”, as we like to call it, will start from a dead stand still position inside Santa’s Stables. The doors will then be swung open and Santa will make a made dash straight into the wind.

Ground crews are doing all they can to give him a level, snow-filled runway for him. Still it could take a little bit more than usual for him to get up to speed.

Once Santa is airborne he will quickly rise above the storm and get to work.

So while conditions look terrible, there are not the end of the world. Santa can handle it.